Travel: Writers’ Places in UK イギリス旅行:作家ゆかりの地巡り

To visit and see the actual spots of literary treasures is enjoyable part of life. We traveled to UK and encountered the places quite relevant to such writers. Their names are well known not only in England but also in Japan and probably some other foreign countries.
Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and Ann Hathaway’s cottage is located near. This is only one year after the events for the 400th anniversary of W. Shakespeare’s death were held here and there and his dramas have been played even in the local city near here every year. Their beautiful gardens were very impressive.
The Lake District is for William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. B. Potter’s Peter Rabbit Exhibition was held in the cities around Japan to commemorate the 150th anniversary of B. Potter’s birth in 2016, 2017. When we reached the very places above and found them very crowded with tourists from around the world. The Lake District is very popular for its preservation of natural beauty and historic sites, to which both B. Potter and W. Wordsworth contributed highly and have got considerable respect today since.

Another place I visited was Durham in Northern England. It is usually known as a World Heritage site of Durham Castle and Cathedral and the Harry Potter movie location. The area has the quiet atmosphere of the mediaeval ages which is reflected by Durham Castle and Cathedral with a history of 1,000 years.
The first thing we did after arriving at the station from London on the Virgin train, East Coast, was to visit Ushaw College, or St. Cuthbert College, 4 miles off to the west. Lafcadio Hearn was a student of the collage in 19th century. I was interested in the education there. He was grown to a different type of writer, a travel writer, or a reporter wandering from place to place and so has his memorial places around the world, for example, Greece, Ireland, UK, US, an island of West Indies and Japan. He also worked as a teacher in Japan and was naturalized. For these reasons his name has become a symbol of cross-cultural exchanges.